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The Store sales tool (Pat.) and Bagholder product (Pat.) for food stores and Software medicine (Pat.) for health and elderly care.

Increased return, worker wellbeing, attention, reduced food waste and reduced advertisement costs when using the store sales tool. Increased convenience shorter queues, space savings, faster paying and increased return when using the Bagholder product.

The Software medicine heals, reduces cost and creates income in health and elderly care

Maximizing return and ESG by Strategies.

Store products. Helping the customer purchase in stores and Offering the customer what she wants in stores: 

Short YouTube video summary presentation of the Store Tools, click on link: Store Tools, press.

The Store sales tool, patented, creates a service, return, worker wellbeing, reduces food waste and advertisement costs and increases attention.

- Store Sales tool and strategy for food stores.

The Bagholder product, patented, provides a pic, bag and go function working with automated payment solutions.

- The queueing or payment function becomes 6 times faster which shortens queues, saves space and increases convenience and return. It provides the most effective and ecological choice.

- The Bagholder products manufacturer is ISO certified.

The medical product, patented, heals, reduces cost and creates income in health and elderly care: 

Short YouTube video summary presentation of the Software Medicine, click on link: Software Medicine, press.

Some Software Medicine merits in a short, click on link: Some merits, press.

- A Software medicine. A Medical Device for global hospital, geriatric, home, memory sickness and psychiatric care.

- Functions of the device rigorously follow vast proven research governed by the FDA, EMA and WMA.

- Vastly researched and proven product functions by top researchers at top institutions globally to find what works and what is called for to bring better health.

- MD1 (CE, Japan) Class1 (US) Software medicine.

- Software Medicine is mentioned as “a key player in the Global Home Health Care Software Market, Key Players” by Verified market research intelligence.

- Software Medicine & Store Tools, Strategies has been successful this year and has gone on to receive... Global Medicine Software Provider of the Year 2023 by Global Health and Pharma. Award link, press.

- Winner, Healthcare Services Provider of the Year 2023/24. Corporate LiveWire Global Awards 2023/24.

- Best Medicine Software Specialists - Finland the European Enterprise Awards 2023. EU Business News. Award link, press.

- Best Global Medicine Software Provider 2024. International Life Sciences Awards - 2024.

Educational product benefitting and creating value added for society and its users:

International patenting and patents pending for all Retail, Health Care and education products.

Other recent profitable strategies that can be mentioned are mobile tools and related internet tools utilising Fingerprint ID. Fingerprint becoming one of the bigger companies in Sweden.

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